At 4Umedicaldesigns we have a mission to reduce medical anxiety and fear, by decorating dismal medical devices like IV Bags and Syringes to look more child friendly.

Studies show that decorative IV bags reduced patient aversion by 83%, fear by 53%, and anxiety by 73%. Decorative Syringes reduced patient aversion by 79%,
fear by 53%, and anxiety by 51%

IV Bag stickers come in a roll of 30 stickers, Syringe stickers come in a roll of 40. Each sticker on the roll has a protective cover to prevent cross contamination and ensure each sticker maintains high quality.

Patent Pending

  • Child Life Specialist

    "IV Bag Stickers are great! Every patient would LOVE them! Such a creative way to brighten up their rooms!" - Rebecca S.

  • Registered Nurse

    “Syringe stickers are easy to use and simple to apply. They are a cute, fun way to make needles a little less scary for children.”- Jessica P. RNC,BSN

  • Pediatrician

    "I am so excited to use the happy syringe stickers we bought; I think they are so cute!" - Dr. Amy A.