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Shop For Your Clinic Today

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4U Medical Designs offers a unique productthat will ease your experience and patient's experience. Our 3rd party tested products have proven results that you can implement!

Make Your patients happy.

"Working with Nick at 4U Medical Designs has been so easy! We received our stickers and our patients, families and staff love them. They are easy to use and also very infection control friendly. The designs are very child and teen friendly. I look forward to additional designs and working with this company." - Natalie from Shriner's for Children’s Medical Center Southern California, Child Life team

hear it from people currently using our stickers!


Child Life Specialist "IV Bag Stickers are great! Every patient would LOVE them! Such a creative way to brighten up their rooms!"

- Rebecca S.

“Our team absolutely loves the IV Bag Stickers! They help provide a safe and comfortable environment, all while brightening up our treatment center. Thank you for your dedication and for ensuring patients and their families have a positive experience.”

- Jordana, MS, CCLS Staten Island University Hospital

Registered Nurse

“Syringe stickers are easy to use and simple to apply. They are a cute, fun way to make needles a little less scary for children.”

- Jessica P. RNC,BSN

“I have worked in Healthcare for more than 25 years in various positions from a Bedside Nurse to a Hospital CEO.  4U Medical Designs has a mission to serve children at their most vulnerable times.  Healthcare products are often scary to kids.  4U Medical Designs humanizes medical equipment and brings a bright spot to an overwhelming situation for children.”

-Amanda Basso- Shurtz


"I am so excited to use the happy syringe stickers we bought; I think they are so cute!"

-Dr. Amy A.
elevate your patient's experience and retain them.

4U Medical Designs offers a unique bundle selection that gives you the option to save money on multiple rolls of Medical Device Stickers while having a variety of options. We are here to fit your needs.

The Brand Story

4U Medical Designs Founder, Nicholas Nastasi experienced significant fear as a child when he received intravenous therapy from an IV bag.

Nick was terrified of needles anytime he would have to get a vaccination at the doctors office. He then realized...

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