4U Medical Designs

4U Medical Designs has a mission to reduce anxiety and fear!

Studies show that decorative IV bags reduced patient aversion by 83%, fear by 53%, and anxiety by 73%. Decorative Syringes reduced patient aversion by 79%,
fear by 53%, and anxiety by 51%

Medical Bag stickers come in a roll of 30 stickers, Syringe stickers come in a roll of 40. 3rd party tested.

Patent Pending

  • Child Life Specialist

    "IV Bag Stickers are great! Every patient would LOVE them! Such a creative way to brighten up their rooms!" - Rebecca S.

  • Registered Nurse

    “Syringe stickers are easy to use and simple to apply. They are a cute, fun way to make needles a little less scary for children.”- Jessica P. RNC,BSN

  • Pediatrician

    "I am so excited to use the happy syringe stickers we bought; I think they are so cute!" - Dr. Amy A.